Pre-school Program

At St Anthony’s Early Learning Centre, we recognise the importance of preparing children for their transition to school. Although, the programs we provide to all our children are based on child development research and the appropriate curriculum, we have responded to parent feedback indicating they would like a more structured approach to their child’s learning in the year prior to school.

Many families still prefer the option of a Pre-school to a long day care centre for their children in the years prior to school, however as Pre-schools do not offer extended hours, this is not an option for all families.

St Anthony’s Early Learning Centre operates a structured Pre-school program that is able to offer families the benefits of both types of education and care options. The Pre-school program is offered to all children in their final year prior to commencing Kindergarten.

The children break away from the rest of the group and move to a room set up as a small classroom for activities that introduce them to new activities and reinforce existing skills.

The program provides opportunities for:

  • Social and emotional development to prepare children for school life
  • Building children’s early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Becoming familiar with school routines and developing self-help skills
  • Children participate in the program on a daily basis with each session lasting between 45 mins to 1 hour

The program operates during school terms and the number of sessions provided daily increases towards the latter part of the year as the transition to school draws closer.

We take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team for your commitment, professionalsm and care