What is a Bequest?
A bequest is an instruction you make in your will, directing that some or all of your estate be gifted to a charity or particular cause. It can be in the form of money, property, shares and debentures, works of art, or other valuables. You don’t have to be wealthy to make a bequest – whatever you choose to give will make a difference.

The Will to affect the future…

Your decision to support the work of St Anthony’s Family Care through a Bequest will make a significant difference. We appreciate your willingness to assist and support children and families in need.

Singing to girl in wheelchair

How Your Bequest Helps Others
A bequest to St Anthony’s Family Care will enable us to continue to support those children and families who are disadvantaged and ensure that you are well remembered.
It is so easy, next time you update your Will, you too could make a difference by including a charity.

To discuss making a bequest to St Anthony’s Family Care, please call 02 9747 5782